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8/26/2010 – Take Home Liability: Illinois Extends an Employer’s Potential Liability to the Employee’s Family Members in toxic tort cases. By answering "yes" to that question in a recent opinion, the Fifth District of the Appellate Court of Illinois dramatically expanded an employer’s potential liability.

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.a take-home toxic-tort cause of action outside of a factual setting involving household members the take-home exposure rule or any extension thereof should apply to claims asserted against N.J. 279, 714 A.2d 898 (1998), a toxic exposure case involving product liability claims sounding in strict.

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Abstract: Abstract: Since 2005, take-home asbestos exposure claims have constituted a new wave of asbestos litigation. In contrast to employees exposed to asbestos at a worksite, take-home exposure occurred among those affected by employees who inadvertently carried asbestos home on their.

Take home, or secondary exposure, asbestos cases have categories toxic tort Litigation Defense. U.S. District Court Dismisses Take-Home Asbestos Claim. Categories Toxic Tort Litigation Defense. Illinois Supreme Court Reverses Folta Decision – Workers’ Compensation Claim.

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Toxic Tort Monitor: District Court of Colorado Recognizes "Take-Home" Exposure Claim. Plaintiff alleged that his father was exposed to asbestos-containing products while working as a plumber and pipefitter, and that his father then carried asbestos home on his clothing which in turn, exposed.

Take-home asbestos exposure is a wide-reaching phenomenon that can affect people who have never worked in an environment contaminated with asbestos a day in their lives. Learn more about the danger of take-home asbestos and what you can do about it.

paint liability, employer liability in take-home asbestos exposure – plus an expanding section on pharmatorts including SSRI suicidality claims. Features of the second edition include: How to structure a toxic tort case from either the plaintiff or defendant’s perspective. Overview of scientific principles.

Toxic Tort Monitor: District Court Of Colorado Recognizes "Take-Home" Exposure Claim. Toxic Exposure EPA Asbestos Asbestos Litigation contaminated properties cercla Hazardous Substances Oil & Gas Contamination Environmental Liability Appeals Class Action Manufacturers.

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